Gray Nicolls
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  • Moisture management lycra bolsters
  • Two inch straps and high arch for outstanding fit
  • Made from high impact plastic shell
  • PVC bound edges gives support and comfort
  • Padded Edges
  • Can be used with jock straps with pouch
  • Select leather palms for brilliant performance on an entry level product
  • Traditional finger design, with brilliant flexibility
  • Tri-layer protection reduces impact throughout the glove, crucial for young cricketers
  • Fully adjustable waist strap and built-in inner thigh guard
  • Flexible design allows for protection and movement
  • Lycra covering for breathable, flexi-fit
  • Dual Level Protection
  • Towel backing for moisture absorption
  • Dual Level Protection
  • Premium PU Cover
  • Hand sewn
  • 142g - Junior
  • set of tools needed to fix simple damage to your cricket bats
  • Comes complete with 2 sets of the GN Protectoe
  • Sandpaper
  • a replacement Grip
  • Linseed Oil and a cleaning cloth
  • Speciall made for Bowling Machines
  • Top notch quality
  • PORON XRD lining for shock absorption and comfort
  • Carbon reinforced impact resistant polymer
  • Sculptured design with padded design
  • Handle: Finest 12 piece cane for maximum feel through the blade

  • Handle Shape: Semi-Oval bottom hand for extreme comfort

  • Bow: Even Mid-blade bow

  • Sweet Spot: Mid-blade Sweet Spot

  • Profile: Slight concave shaping to maximise pick up and balance

  • Edge: Imposing edge profile that won't be compromised by our bat-makers

  • Grip: New double-texture Zone Grip for excellent control of the blade

  • Hand made in the United Kingdom

  • Strike Zone: Mid Blade Sweet Spot ideally suited for the all-round stroke play
  • Profile: Concave sculpting to give professional pick up and balance
  • Handle: Semi oval ganle for comfort and complete control
  • Grip: Superlink Grip optimises grip and feel whilst maintaining control at the crease 
  • Finish: Sanded and Buffed
  • legendary shoulder-to-toe red sticker 
  • stretching out across the back of the bat
  • showcasing the bat's beautiful 
  • sweeping blade.
  • Beautifully crafted and designed with fantastic performance
  • Select has a mid-blade profile and sustained sweet spot
  • The English Willow is grown and felled locally around East Sussex 
  • excellent design
  • high performance
  • a touch of class 
  • mid-blade profile ensures fantastic balance 
  • sustained sweet spot provides 
  • 2" wide Calf and Ankle Straps with ankle foam for comfort and stability 
  • Ambidextrous design making it suitable for both Right Handed and Left Handed players 
  • Available in Youth or Adult/Senior size
  • Sold as a pair
  • Sold as a set of six stumps, including bails
  • Ideal for club and school teams
  • Sold as a set of six stumps, including bails
  • Made from English Ash to give long lasting performance
  • The choice of the ICC in tournaments around the world
  • Machine stitched with high quality thread
  • Approximately 156g
  • Made by Gray Nicolls